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Collection: Roaster Sticks for S’mores & Hot Dogs made by my dad!

Handmade by my dad, Dean!  He cuts handles from his own 40 acres of woodland...your handles might be persimmon, oak, cherry or hickory wood and will vary in width from 1-2 inches.  They are high grade polycrilic coated and stay cool in your hand.  The shaft is cold-rolled steel, 4’ long to keep you a comfortable distance from the fire.  The end of the steel is turned back for many great reasons: easy to pull your food off TOWARD you instead of awkwardly off the end of a stick;  kids aren’t losing their food in the fire and kids aren’t so tempted to be poking each other!  If left on damp ground overnight, you may find a few rust spots on the shafts, but those are easily removed by sanding or burning them off in the fire.  You may find other uses like lifting the lid off a pot of beans on the fire or reaching a toy airplane stuck In tree limbs.  These are a great GUY GIFT or FAMILY GIFT too.  Enjoy!

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  • Roaster Sticks for S’mores & Hot Dogs, Set of 4
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