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“Top 10 Sales, and Sharing Queen” Pack, specially priced, plus use discount code.

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Includes 1 Camila Earrings for Queen of Sharing, 1 Camila Jr Earrings for Unit Court of Sharing, 1 Queen Crystal Earrings and Tiara Bracelet Set for Unit Queen, 2 Queen Crystal Earrings for #2 and #3, 2 Gloria Earrings for #4 and #5, 2 Betsy Earrings for #6 and #7, 1 Bitty Betsy Earrings for #8, and 2 Pink and Gold Foil Stud Earrings for #9 and #10.  See individual images and descriptions here in the CELEBRATION Collection.  All items are in boxes, with congratulations note, ready for presentation.